Hi Folks,

        In an attempt to help out with coordination on projects I've put up a 
TWiki (see www.twiki.org for info on TWiki) site on my web server.  As a guest
you can read but not update, you have to register to update content.
There is a Freebsd web and it has 1 topic which is the SMP project.  I have put
the entire page from http://www.freebsd.org/smp/ into TWiki.  The local
references on that page (i.e. the href:./foo.txt stuff) are now external 
but we could fix that.

A few notes might be helpful.

1) Why did you do this?

TWiki (and Wiki's in general) allow people to easily update centralized web 
without haveing to have real logins on the web serving computer.  This makes
keeping things like worklists trivial.  The language used by TWiki is
NOT HTML but a clever subset that requires a lot less work.  For instance
a table looks like this:

| Task | Responsible | Date|
| Task 1| GeorgeNevilleNeil| 2 March 2002 |

This will get translated into a nice, simple HTML table by the TWiki stuff.

2) What do I have to do to use this?

To read the stuff just go to:


and click on the Freebsd label.

To update you must register.  Go to the main page and register yourself.
The passwords are encrypted but I WOULD NOT use my system password
here.  Actually, I'd like it if you didn't use any important password there, I
don't want to be responsible for y'all in that way.

3) How do I learn more about TWiki?

Go to www.twiki.org

In particular check out:   http://TWiki.org/cgi-bin/view/Main/TWikiPresentation

to see why and how we should be using TWiki.

ONE FINAL NOTE.  TWiki uses WordsLikeThis to denote automatic links.
This means that FreeBSD is an automatic link.  If you MUST type FreeBSD
then put a <nop> before it on the page.  I'm working with the author to come
up with a way to make it so that FreeBSD never gets converted within our
TWiki Web.


George V. Neville-Neil                                  [EMAIL PROTECTED]

"Those who would trade liberty for temporary security deserve neither" 
                                                - Benjamin Franklin

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