* George V. Neville-Neil ([EMAIL PROTECTED]) wrote:

> > BTW, why don't you want a FreeBSD WikiTerm?
> Well it's a bit odd.  Anywhere you put the word FreeBSD lights up as a
> link.  I guess we could put a generic page under it or something but
> it's annoying (to me at least) to see FreeBSD as a link everywhere
> when it's mostly just a name.

You can always style it to look like normal text.

a[href="<path to wiki page>"] {
        text-decoration: none;
        color: black;
        background-color: inherit;

You probably want to do the same for the :link/:hover/:active/:visited
elements too.  And you'll want to use a browser with a decent CSS
implimentation (i.e. not MSIE :)

You can even just put it in your user stylesheet if you don't want it to
be on the site :)

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