On Fri, 22 Feb 2002, Glenn Gombert wrote:

> All I did was to add a 'smmsp' user in via the sysisntall utility, ran
> 'installworld/mergemaster' again and things worked fine, adding a not to
> the Updating file might be a good idea for others thought :)

Section 19.4.3 of the FreeBSD handbook does mention this type of problem,
however only suggests comparing /etc/group with the new file.

  "There have been occasions when the installation part of ``make world''
   has expected certain usernames or groups to exist. When performing an
   upgrade it is likely that these groups did not exist. This caused
   problems when upgrading."

It might be worth including explicit mention about checking changes in
master.passwd as well. I'll submit a patch tomorrow if nobody beats me to


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