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> On Sun, Feb 24, 2002 at 06:22:11AM +0200, Giorgos Keramidas wrote:
> > It does work perfectly nice for me too, here.  I've been building
> > without a single problem ever since Feb 7, 2002.  Oh, and since I like
> > living in the edge, I erased my 4-STABLE installation on Feb 10, and
> > formatted that partition.  Now I use it as /c, a workspace where
> > development work is done.
> Well, just to put my "Me too!" here. I have been following 5.x for as
> long as it existed and during all this exercise, I have found it to be
> fairly useable at all times. There were some bumps along the road, but
> nothing that a careful study of this and other mailing lists would not
> have solved. In fact, ever since 5.x branched from 4.0 way back when:-)
> it was the only installation of FreeBSD that I had on my workstation.
> I wrote my university thesis on this machine, while religiously keeping
> up with the latest and greatest -CURRENT source, the box has served as a
> dialup and later as an ADSL gateway without problems. Of course,
> debugging code has slowed it down at times but that was expected.
> Although I do not consider myself a developer/programmer, I always tried
> to report problems in a useful way when found. It is just that I did not
> have a lot to do on this front:-) (Maybe I am the kind of user who
> should start using -CURRENT in greater numbers? OK, I'm here already:-)
> This machine is a PII-233 UP, with an Intel 440-LX based mobo and only
> IDE peripherals. It is no longer "state of the art" or even close, but,
> thanks to FreeBSD, it runs as snappy as ever.
> > Thank you all, who have put efforts in making this happen!
> Indeed. It is really refreshing to see that, despite occasional
> ramblimngs and otbreaks of flame on the lists, the project really makes
> headway, especially looked at from a historical perspective.
> Keep up the good work!
> P.S.: This message is also test to see if the upgrade to the latest
> sendmail worked well:-)

another "me too"

I have had a 5.0 box running continuously for several months, I don't use
the box much but I do use it a little at least a few times a day. It just
sits there on my cable modem at home and I use it as a samba (pre-3.0beta)
server for mp3's at home, or via http/ftp from work. It's been running
seti@home since day one, I use it to test ssh and rsync procedures and
other miscelaneous things where I need a unix box to try something on and
don't want to use a customers machine. I have done a couple buildworlds
and buildkernels but only a couple and not in months, but it went without
a hitch. I have built a few ports like vnc and samba, again no hitches and
again the results have also been running for months.

there was a problem with my mouse for a while, I applied a patch from a
post on this list, rebuilt and no more mouse problem.

all in all, it's been just great for me even though it's a pretty

oh and the hardware is just a crappy emachine with an amd k6-2 350
(running at 385) that was a desktop win98 machine at a customers that they
threw away for being too old and slow. I just put in a new power supply
and a little ram and it's been a damned fine freebsd box for me. neven
gnome and enlightenment and gimp and netscape et al are fast enough to be
useable, although I did disable gnome and E in favor of icewm just on
general principle.

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