On 15-Feb-2002 (22:17:10/GMT) Dan Nelson wrote:

> If you find out what killed /dev/speaker, let us know, too :)

On 23-Feb-2002 (22:03:56/GMT) Dag-Erling Smorgrav wrote:

>>> # kldload atspeaker
>> This doesn't work.  I'm missing something obvious?
> Not that I can see... works for me

Now /dev/speaker is in place again.  I found his killer...
I removed _all_ hints from /boot/device.hints and _all_ device
from my custom kernel, than added again one line at a time...
After 42 {build,install}kernel I found it again in /dev/

Compiling kernel with both this lines kill /dev/speaker and
leave only /dev/pcaudio and /dev/pcaudioctl.  Using only one
at a time works fine.  Also kldload atspeaker, if none of them
are present into kernel, works (thank DES for hint).

# pca: PCM audio through your PC speaker
## :-(  device          pca

#Play IBM BASIC-style noises out your speaker
device          speaker

After good news the bad ones: detaching uscanner0 doesn't execute
my code, only play tune on attach, as on mid December  :(


-----8<-----[ /etc/usbd.conf ]-----8<-----
devname "uscanner[0-9]+"
attach  "/bin/chmod 666 /dev/${DEVNAME} && echo L16cce > /dev/speaker"
detach  "echo L16eec > /dev/speaker"

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