Hi Folks,

        I've tried contacting [EMAIL PROTECTED] directly but haven't seen anything so I
figure I'll throw this out to the list.  On 21 Feb 2002 a change was made to 
bsd.lib.mk and bsd.prog.mk which is commented,  in part, as:

Get rid of the (now unneeded) -I${DESTDIR}/usr/include magic in bsd.prog.mk
and bsd.lib.mk.  Finish the removal of LDDESTDIR in bsd.lib.mk,v 1.55 -- we
no longer have users of it.

This change was made by "ru."  Alas this breaks the picobsd build since the
statically built libraries need some way to know to get their includes from the
directory you're building in.  This does not affect a general 5.0 build (I checked
that this morning) but is still very problematic.  I'm only just starting with the
picobsd stuff and I would love to fix this bug in the right place if only someone
could tell me what this change meant and how pervasive it was.

Putting in an extra CFLAG for -I${SRC}usr/include works for some libraries but
breaks libbind as alluded to by this comment in the same checkin:

(Attempt to move the "-nostdinc -I..." part of CFLAGS into the new CINCLUDES
(modeled after a similar CXXINCLUDES) eventually failed because hard-coding
${WORLDTMP}/usr/include to be the first in the include list does not always
work, e.g. lib/libbind.)

So, can someone help me out here?


George V. Neville-Neil                                  [EMAIL PROTECTED]

"Those who would trade liberty for temporary security deserve neither" 
                                                - Benjamin Franklin

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