On Mon, Feb 25, 2002 at 04:38:29PM -0800, George V. Neville-Neil wrote:
> Hi Folks,
>       I've tried contacting [EMAIL PROTECTED] directly but haven't seen anything so I
> figure I'll throw this out to the list.  On 21 Feb 2002 a change was made to 
> the
You'll have to pay some money if you need a 24-hour responsiveness.  :-)

> bsd.lib.mk and bsd.prog.mk which is commented,  in part, as:
> Get rid of the (now unneeded) -I${DESTDIR}/usr/include magic in bsd.prog.mk
> and bsd.lib.mk.  Finish the removal of LDDESTDIR in bsd.lib.mk,v 1.55 -- we
> no longer have users of it.
> This change was made by "ru."  Alas this breaks the picobsd build since the
> statically built libraries need some way to know to get their includes from the
> directory you're building in.  This does not affect a general 5.0 build (I checked
> that this morning) but is still very problematic.  I'm only just starting with the
> picobsd stuff and I would love to fix this bug in the right place if only someone
> could tell me what this change meant and how pervasive it was.
> Putting in an extra CFLAG for -I${SRC}usr/include works for some libraries but
> breaks libbind as alluded to by this comment in the same checkin:
> (Attempt to move the "-nostdinc -I..." part of CFLAGS into the new CINCLUDES
> (modeled after a similar CXXINCLUDES) eventually failed because hard-coding
> ${WORLDTMP}/usr/include to be the first in the include list does not always
> work, e.g. lib/libbind.)
> So, can someone help me out here?
What src/release PicoBSD script should I try to run to reproduce this?

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