:On Mon, 25 Feb 2002, Matthew Dillon wrote:
:>     Unless an unforseen problem arises, I am going to commit this tomorrow
:>     and then start working on a cleanup patch.   I have decided to
:Please wait for jhb's opinion on it.  He seems to be offline again.
:I think he has plans and maybe even code for more code in critical_enter().
:I think we don't agree with these plans, but they are just as valid
:as ours, and our versions undo many of his old changes.

    I am not going to predicate my every move on permission from JHB nor 
    do I intend to repeat the last debacle which held-up (and is still holding
    up) potential commits for a week and a half now.  JHB hasn't even 
    committed *HIS* patches and I am beginning to wonder what the point is
    when *NOTHING* goes in.  If he had code he damn well should have said
    something on the lists two days ago.  As it is, I have invested a great
    deal of time and effort on this patch and it is damn well going to go
    in so I can move on.


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