:So, your great deal of time and effort over the last week is more important
:than our time and effort over the last few months?

    And how the hell did you come to that conclusion?  Nothing I have done
    has interfered in the least with what you are doing.  Not one thing.
    Even my kern_prot want-to-commit, supposedly duplicating some of JHB's
    work (but it turns out not since JHB didn't bother instrumenting Giant)
    would not have cost John more then 5 seconds of merge work.

    In short, if you are going to make such a state you had damn well start
    backing it up with hard fact, because I have *HAD* *IT* with all the
    shit flying around lately that has taken what should be 10 or 20 man
    hours of work and turned it into 80 or 90.  I am not playing this game
    any more.  If you have ephermal, unspecified problems with my work you
    can address them *AFTER* I commit.  If you have hard facts showing
    probable interference then you can address them *BEFORE* I commit.  So
    far I have not heard a single hard fact in all the shit flying back
    and forth.

                                        Matthew Dillon 
                                        <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>

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