Looking at the repository, I have not really seen anything done with
building a NetBSD-style rc.d system that will provide FreeBSD
functionality for a long time. In fact, I can find very little aside
from the initial import. I also noticed there was no mention in the
last Monthly Report. Did any of the stuff in the September report
actually happen? The Yahoo! group seems pretty quiet. All of the stuff
is there in HEAD, but is there a tag for this work? If not, I really
think one would be needed. Or is there some work in p4 going on with
this? (I'm just asking, I don't want to start another flame war about
p4 and revision control.) Do people have work on this in local trees
that they have not committed?

I spent some time in the fall learning the NetBSD system
(unfortunately I'm not running any NetBSD boxes at the moment or this
would probably be a _lot_ easier), but have not really done any
work. I thought some people were working on it, but not in the
tree. I did not want to duplicate or conflict with work already done

Is this project dead? Just lost momentum? Anyone still have interest
in it? Is there anyone who really thinks we'll have switched to this
by 5.0-RELEASE?
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