On Tue, 26 Feb 2002, Kevin Way wrote:

> As one of the many people who've done some initial work on the port, I
> can tell you that it seems to me that there's not a lot of interest in
> this project, beyond criticizing the work of those who've made attempts
> to do any work, or attempting to expand the scope of the project
> requirements beyond what's appropriate (IMHO) for an initial port. 
> I, for one, lost interest in doing the work when I realized I was
> receiving, quite literally, 5 times more complaints than combined
> patches, constructive criticism or positive feedback. 
> At this point, I'm very willing to help anybody who is doing the main
> development, with either coding or testing, but I have no interest being
> a lead developer on the project. 
> I don't know if we'll have switched to this by 5.0-RELEASE, but I
> definitely see some very real value in having the system in there, even
> if RC_NEW is set to NO by default. 

I'm very interested in seeing this happen: the failings of our rc system
in terms of extensibility and flexibility s something I hear a moderate
amount about when looking for comments from some of the larger scale
adopters I chat with.  They aren't interested in rolling their own, and
see our current mechanism as one of the few disadvantages that FreeBSD has
when compared with other systems.  I don't have time to volunteer, but I
can certainly provide advice relating to the security of the system (note
that because rc scripts are written using shell scripting, and like to do
things like dig around in utrusted trees, etc, this is a real concern).

It seems like a good first-step in jump-starting the project would be to
identify any changes since the initial import...

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