On Wed, 27 Feb 2002, Kevin Way wrote:

> * Sheldon Hearn <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> [27-02-02 03:58]:
> > > At this point, I'm very willing to help anybody who is doing the
> > > main development, with either coding or testing, but I have no
> > > interest being a lead developer on the project.
> > 
> > Have you been in contact with Gordon Tetlow to see how he's faring?
> No, I haven't heard from Gordon since October, or so.  Last I heard, he
> was taking a different approach than me, converting the FreeBSD scripts
> to the NetBSD format, so there was very little overlap between our
> efforts, despite similar progress and goals.  I don't know if he
> quietly finished his efforts, without a press release or if they became
> shelfware.

The latter, work became terribly hectic. And after a fair amount of
discussion on -arch and that irc channel, people seemed to believe that we
should keep as close to NetBSD's scripts as we could to keep the diffs
down between them. From that, maybe we should start with Kevin's base and
work from there. I'd be more than happy to contribute what little I've 
done (I got it booting up to network initialization).


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