At 7:04 PM -0800 3/7/02, Matthew Dillon wrote:
>:Bruce also had some comments which were shrugged off, I thought they
>:were important.  Specifically, please do not make unnecessary changes
>:to the assembler code.  Macros do not need to be defined before they
>:are used, I believe this was the justification for some of the
>:reordering in apic_vector.s which makes the patch confusing.  Please
>:do not tab out the "; \" at the end of the lines in the INTR and
>:FAST_INTR macros in icu_vector.s.  This just makes unnecessary diffs.
>     Actually all I did there was square up icu_vector.s so it looked
>     almost the same as apic_vector.s.  I would consider that an
>     improvement.

Perhaps that part of the update could be considered "cosmetic", and
thus be done as a separate update -- just so people can tell which
lines are cosmetic changes and which ones are substantive.  That is
more work for you, but it makes it easier on reviewers, and it is
certainly consistent with what developers are asked to do on other
updates they make.

You'll still probably have a debate on the "wonderfulness" of that
cosmetic change, but at least it makes it easier for the major
changes to looked at and commented on separately.

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