:The reason is that if they are in MI code they automatically apply to all
:platforms and can't get out sync.  When they are modified to handle preemption
:the freebsd kernel will be fully preemptive.  Not, it works on i386 and its
:believed to work on alpha and powerpc is not preemptive at all and we don't

    If the routines were large this would be an issue, but we are talking
    between 1 and 5 lines of MI code verses potentially many more lines of
    MD code and I find it virtually impossible for such a small amount of
    code to 'get out of sync'.

:even know about ia64 (not to dump on other platforms, this is just example of
:how things go sometimes).  I understand that this argument may be sentimental
:and may not hold water in a technial discussion.  As such I will not stop you
:from making them MD if you disagree (not to imply that I have the power to do
:so, I don't), I just think that keeping them MI is the right thing to do.
:I must admit that having them be MD will allow me to make optimizations for
:sparc64 that I have wanted to.  However, I do not think that this is better
:for freebsd as a whole.
:> :...
:The point is not wether its easy or not, the point is that this is an
:important feature that may have been forgotten about.  I use this on
:a daily basis in sparc64 development and I would be upset if it was
:broken there for any amount of time, not that this patch will affect it.
:I am confident that you will fix any problems that arise, but I would
:rather the next person that tries to do some debugging not be confused
:by something being different, or by it not working and having to wait for
:a fix, even if that amount of time is insignificant.  If you do not feel
:that this needs to be looked at before you commit then that is fine, again
:I cannot stop you.  I know many other committers who would not feel that
:way about a patch of their own and I think that standard is worth adhereing
:to.  I apologize if this sounds like a lecture or if this offends you, it
:is just how I feel.

    I'm not sure what you are refering to here.  The fast interrupt
    deferral stuff only applies to I386.

    In anycase, I certainly haven't forgotten about debugger support
    for I386, but I didn't go to great lengths to test whether the
    DDB backtrace operates as expected for the fast-interrupt-restart 
    case either.

                                        Matthew Dillon 
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