:Perhaps that part of the update could be considered "cosmetic", and
:thus be done as a separate update -- just so people can tell which
:lines are cosmetic changes and which ones are substantive.  That is
:more work for you, but it makes it easier on reviewers, and it is
:certainly consistent with what developers are asked to do on other
:updates they make.
:You'll still probably have a debate on the "wonderfulness" of that
:cosmetic change, but at least it makes it easier for the major
:changes to looked at and commented on separately.
:Garance Alistair Drosehn            =   [EMAIL PROTECTED]

    Ugh.  I'd rather not.  It would take a while to unwind the tabbing
    from the deferred interrupts.  i.e. I didn't just cleanup the syntax
    in icu_vector.s, I also had to implement the same stuff I put
    in apic_vector.s to support deferred interrupts. 


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