On Fri, 8 Mar 2002, Warner Losh wrote:

> In message <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> Doug Barton writes:
> : 1. phk malloc debugging flags enabled by default. Solutions include
> : recompiling apps, and toggling things off in /etc/malloc.conf.
> Recompiling apps isn't going to change things.  The default is in the
> system.

        Errr... right. Sorry... must get more sleep.

> : 3. xconsole causes periodic panics. The problem (according to BDE) is "a
> : well-know bug in printf(9)," caused by "The TIOCCONS ioctl ... panics when
> : printf() is called while sched_lock is held." I reported this bug in
> : October 2001, if anyone wants to look through the archives.
> This isn't happening often enough to worry about.

        Funny, I worry about it a lot when it happens to me. :) Especially
when I'm working from home and I have to spend an extra 10-15 minutes
tunnelling through proxies, etc. to get back to work after every panic.
For those users who are affected, knowing to disable xconsole to enhance
their stability will be valuable.

        Of course, if someone were to actually FIX the problem...

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