On Fri, 2002/03/08 at 11:23:36 -0800, Doug Barton wrote:
> 3. xconsole causes periodic panics. The problem (according to BDE) is "a
> well-know bug in printf(9)," caused by "The TIOCCONS ioctl ... panics when
> printf() is called while sched_lock is held." I reported this bug in
> October 2001, if anyone wants to look through the archives.

While this issue is still present, printf()s with sched_lock held seem
to fortunately be quite rare. IIRC your panics were caused by the
"microuptime went backwards" message, which was recently removed. The
only other relatively frequently reported printf() in this category I
can think of at the moment is for the "calcru: negative time..."

        - thomas

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