Dear all...

This morning I found a very interesting mail. All of you can see it from:

As stated in the mail, a simple Perl script like this:

-- Begin --


$temp = "";
$begin = time;
for ($i = 0; $i < 1000000; $i++) {
    $result .= "$i\n";
print "Exec time: ", time - $begin, " secs\n";

-- End --

can show that there PROBABLY is something wrong with malloc() in -CURRENT
and -STABLE.

I am just bringing this to a wider audience so maybe this could be a
valueable information for FreeBSD developer and Perl maintainer in FreeBSD.

I heard that Perl in -CURRENT would be updated to Perl 5.6.1, maybe the
maintainer can put the default build for this new version of Perl to use its
own malloc (provided from Perl 5.6.1) IF it turns out that there is nothing
wrong with malloc() in -CURRENT and -STABLE (I don't know cause I am not a C


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