On Thu, Mar 14, 2002 at 07:40:04AM +0100, Poul-Henning Kamp wrote:

>But if somebody wants to try to code this optimization, I'll be more
>than happy to review the result.  I just don't expect it to do much
>in "real-life" as opposed to "silly benchmark" situations.

Sorry to start this thread at the first place. Well, the reason that I did
was because I had this in my head:

"What? This little snippet of code runs bloddy slower than in Linux? Boy...
I use Perl happily in FreeBSD, and I can't lie to myself that in some
situations, I felt like my FreeBSD perl scripts run slower than in Linux.
Well... If I write to [EMAIL PROTECTED], those genius developers
might catch this and maybe discuss on how to overcome the problem. I don't
know whether anything's useful, but at least if I post, more people will
notice and PROBABLY can improve a thing or two. I hate to run my scripts
under Linux and will do everything I can to make my scripts run in FreeBSD
at least as fast as in Linux!"

This is not just talking about benchmarks. This situation will probably make
people conclude things that are not beneficial at all for FreeBSD. People in
my definition are non-C-coders and those-who-just-like-to-generalize-things.
Exclude me from that list, but there are many of others who fit to that

I am not complaining and bugging FreeBSD developers to do anything at all.
Well, I can't help myself, but at least I have done my part to post this.


"I go, I fight, and I win!"

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