On Thu, Mar 14, 2002 at 06:36:05PM +0100, Jan Stocker wrote:
> 2) Bug is in os delivered gcc but not in port gcc.
>    a) port has more or less patches / os gcc has been modified
>       --> Didn't someone told they are the same?

Port has less patches.  If you look at
/usr/src/contrib/gcc/contrib/freebsd.h and
/usr/src/contrib/gcc/contrib/i386/freebsd.h you will see how much things
have to be modified because we support dual ELF/a.out [still].

>    b) other options were set at compile time
>       --> Why dont change to the same in the port?

I am willing to -- the gcc295 port isn't used very much now AFAIK.
However, it will probably be once 5-CURRENT moves to a newer version.
The FSF GCC people had settings in the i386/freebsd.h file I did not
agree with, but it would have been too much pain to change them in the
FSF 2.95 release branch.

I am willing (and may have to anyway), make the port more agree with
the FreeBSD system compiler.

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