Murray Stokely wrote:

>   On March 15, a RELENG_5_0_DP1 branch will be created in CVS for
> final release polishing.  This will allow us to provide translated
> release notes, sync up sysinstall and the package set, bump version
> numbers, and tweak default diagnostic settings without further
> impacting -CURRENT developers.  Commits to this branch will require
> re@ approval.

Actually, with my CVS hat on, I have a *huge* problem with this.

We have a large number of "temporary" repo copies in place that are to
be deleted (ie: rm -rf) soon.  This was with the plan that there would
be *NO* persistant branches and that it would be rm'ed long before the
RELENG_5 branch began.

I had a quick look and I immediately found 55MB of duplicated repo files.
That's over 5% of the repo right now.

I want to know what expectations people have by calling this a
"RELENG_5_XX" branch..  Given that this stuff is going to be rm'ed within a
month, that will break RELENG_5_DP1 when that happens.  People will no
longer be able to cvsup or check out -r RELENG_5_DP1 and have it build.
Specifically, gcc and gdb will not build.

If this is going to be a "static" release (calling it RELENG_5_anything is
a mistake IMHO) then this isn't a big deal.  But if people are expecting
it to have ongoing secirity fixes etc like we do with RELENG_4_5 etc then
we have a problem, because it cannot last very long at all.

Accordingly, I would much prefer that the branch (if we have to have it)
would be called SNAPSHOT_5_DP1 or soemthing, so that the "RELENG_" prefix
doesn't unduely raise expectations that it will keep working, or move the
DP1 release elsewhere if we want it to remain cvsup'able long term.

The other option is to do some hackery after the branch is set down so that
the *.291 and *.295 temporary copies do not exist in the branch, and
accordingly wont get broken when they are cvs rm -rf'ed.  (Hmm, this might
be the best option from a cvs perspective, if people dont mind the fact that
-current and DP1 will have some files in different places..)

"All of this is for nothing if we don't go to the stars" - JMS/B5

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