On Thu, 14 Mar 2002, Nate Williams wrote:

> Only in very rare cases do we run into a problem where we have to create
> a branch.  In that case, the developer responsible for the release
> creates a branch from his checked out tree (there's no law against
> creating a branch from sources that are older than the HEAD), and then
> makes any necessary changes. 

It's worth noting that the rationale for the branch was that we *want*
-CURRENT development to continue at a wild and merry pace, and *expect*
that it will.  Once the branch occurs, Jeff is free to replace the kernel
memory allocator, etc.  Local tweaks on the branch may include backing out
some of the more recent changes to locking (the VM changes, for example --
there have been some reports of stability problems from Alfred).  I.e.,
there is a specific development process goal to be accomplished using the

My feeling is that at this point, we probably should just use Perforce due
to limitations in CVS.

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