[Trimming Cc list a little bit]

If memory serves me right, Peter Wemm wrote:

> Actually, with my CVS hat on, I have a *huge* problem with this.

In the future, if you see such huge problems come up, a little more
advance notice might be nice.  :-(

> We have a large number of "temporary" repo copies in place that are to
> be deleted (ie: rm -rf) soon.  This was with the plan that there would
> be *NO* persistant branches and that it would be rm'ed long before the
> RELENG_5 branch began.

Is there more to this plan?  This is news to me and I would like to get 
up to speed.

> I had a quick look and I immediately found 55MB of duplicated repo files.
> That's over 5% of the repo right now.
> I want to know what expectations people have by calling this a
> "RELENG_5_XX" branch..  Given that this stuff is going to be rm'ed within a
> month, that will break RELENG_5_DP1 when that happens.  People will no
> longer be able to cvsup or check out -r RELENG_5_DP1 and have it build.
> Specifically, gcc and gdb will not build.
> If this is going to be a "static" release (calling it RELENG_5_anything is
> a mistake IMHO) then this isn't a big deal.  But if people are expecting
> it to have ongoing secirity fixes etc like we do with RELENG_4_5 etc then
> we have a problem, because it cannot last very long at all.

Differences of opinion on naming aside...the branch isn't supposed to
last long at all.  The point is to provide a slightly polished snapshot
to the wider developer community.  We can't do the QA/releng work on
HEAD without calling for a code freeze (which we early on decided that
we would *not* do).  Since it's not a formal release, we won't be doing 
security fixes, etc.

I can't imagine why anyone would expect to cvsup this thing at some
point in the distant future, especially after 5.0-DP2 and 5.0-RELEASE.
Just thinking off the top of my head, having it break soon after 5.0-DP1
might not be fatal, as long as we have the CDROM and FTP areas still 

Did you have a definite date for the rm-ing in mind?



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