> In my environment, I have a central build and file server, and then a
> series of network booted crash machines.

Hey, this is interesting. 

I planed to buy a serial terminal or simple pc which plays terminal for
quite a long time, but delayed that until I will have moved to the new 
appartment, where my wife won't kill me for adding "another ugly pc" :-)

That original scenario would mean I would use the second terminal box 
as work station to monitor and operate the main box.

This network scenario reverses roles: the existing comfortable box
would stay work station and used to inspect bare network boxes that just 
feature cpu, ram, and ethernet. A cheap solution and they could be 
hidden in the closet. 

> It's possible to replace the kernel out from under a machine while still
> crashing/dumping/rebooting.  This can dramatically reduce the
> develop/compile/install/test/crash/repeat cycle by coallescing the test
> and crash bits with the other bits, since you can compile while still
> testing or crashing.

Thats sounds interesting.

> Occasional PXE bugs can be very frustrating.  Some machines I've used have
> no problem loading pxeboot from a different machine than the DHCP server.
> A couple of others ignore the server specification in the DHCP response
> and insist on trying to tftp pxeboot from the DHCP server.

Did you do a write up of your experiences?


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