I have spent several months figuring how to do diskless mounts for test
kernels, run debuggers from serial terminals and do remote kernel debugging
with gdb, and spent lots and lots of time doing is as well. Some 'up to
date' "How To's" are really needed to support this kind of debugging and
testing efforts, the material in the FreeBSD manual is helpful to a point,
but much 'key' information on such subjects is just not there and has to be
dug out of mailing list archives and just sending e-mails to various people
who have done such things in the past and ask for help, taking up their
time...which could be saved with some up-to-date documentation :))


At 10:34 PM 3/1/2002 +0100, Cliff Sarginson wrote:
>On Wed, Feb 20, 2002 at 10:56:05AM +0200, Maxim Sobolev wrote:
>> Michael Lucas wrote:
>> > 
>> > I understand that we're getting to that stage where we need more
>> > -current testers.
>> > 
>> > We all agree that the optimal thing would be to have hordes of very
>> > sophisticated users who can debug problems on their own and submit
>> > patches to fix all their issues.  I would guess that we all also agree
>> > that that's not going to happen.
>> > 
>> > It seems that the best we can hope for is to educate some of the
>> > braver users who are ready to take the next step and are willing to
>> > donate some time to us.
>> > 
>> > I'm considering doing a series of articles on testing FreeBSD-current,
>> > including: setting up for kernel dumps, what to type at the debugger
>> > prompt after a crash, filing a decent bug report, what to expect from
>> > -current, and so on.  I would also make it clear when to not bother
>> > filing a bug report (i.e., "You crashed, but had no WITNESS?  Sorry,
>> > enable WITNESS & try again."). This would be (I suspect) three
>> > articles, running about a month and a half.
>> > 
>> > The last time I checked, I get 12-15 thousand readers for each
>> > article.  One half of one percent uptake would (hopefully) be quite a
>> > few bug reports.
>Has some kind of conclusion been arrived at on this ?
>It has gone quiet since Feb 20th, I am definitely interested.
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