> I saw some similar weirdness in my test machines last night where a dual
> processor DS20 (Alpha 21264 500x2) beat out a PII Xeon 450x4.  Normally
> quad xeon beats the DS20.  The quad xeon was using -j16 but was about 74%
> idle.
> The DS20 had used -j8.  I didn't get a chacne to run top to see how it was
> doing during hte world since I didn't notice the weirdness until last
> after the DS20 had finsihed but the quad xeon was still chugging along.

Are you both running with WITNESS and INVARIANTS?  UMA is slightly slower
with these options on than the original malloc & vm_zone code.  I'm not
sure why it would be even worse for SMP machines though.  So maybe it
isn't UMA at all but it's worth looking into.


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