>Date: Fri, 22 Mar 2002 20:43:03 -0500 (EST)
>From: Jeff Roberson <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>

>Are you both running with WITNESS and INVARIANTS?  UMA is slightly slower
>with these options on than the original malloc & vm_zone code.  I'm not
>sure why it would be even worse for SMP machines though.  So maybe it
>isn't UMA at all but it's worth looking into.

I don't speak (or write) for John, but yes, I have both WITNESS &
INVARIANTS in my -CURRENT kernels.  (The link I posted refers to a page
that has copies of each kernel config, among other bits of trivia.)

Reason I posted about it is because the result was at such variance with
my previous experience and expectations, after all....  :-)  And one of
the reasons for my surprise is that the (SMP) build machine has usually
been quite a bit faster... and the kernel configurations are about as
similar to each other as makes any sort of sense, given the differences
in the hardware.  If anything, I'd expect the laptop to be a bit more
sluggish if only because it has the usual UI stuff, like sound and
an X server (with less memory)... while the only access to the build
machine is either SSH or the serial console; it doesn't have a keyboard
or monitor.  No speakers, either.  :-}

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