In message <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>, "David O'Brien" writes:
>The RE's are wanting to ship 5.0 DP#1 w/this patch applied.
>If having 'AJ' by default is deemed not useful (by being removed from the
>DP), it sounds like we should just turn it off.
>Unless there is strong objection, I plan on committing this.

I firmly belive that only things which ship as
should have the AJ options turned off.

We want both our own code and 3rd party code to find the bugs in
a DP release rather than in a RELEASE.

Put a prominent notice in the release note, put a pointer to the
recent libz scare if you feel like, and say that since this is
about trying out and testing, we have set these options to help
people flush out bugs.

The steady trickle of emails I receive about things exposed by AJ
is a clear indication that we need it on as much as possible.

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