Given that non-sendmail users will be inconvenienced when upgrading due to
the 8.12 changes (need to change sendmail_enable from "NO" to "NONE"), I
thought it might be better to give them something back for their trouble.

As an alternative to sendmail_enable=NONE, why not solve the boot time
problem for non-sendmail users completely.  The patch moves all of the
sendmail startup code from /etc/rc to /etc/rc.sendmail.  The source for
that script will be kept in src/etc/sendmail/rc.sendmail so make.conf's
NO_SENDMAIL will prevent it from being installed.  A new rc.conf variable,
mta_start_script specifies the script to run to start the user's
preferred MTA.  For backward compatibility, it will default to
/etc/rc.sendmail.  The specified script is called out of /etc/rc after
checking to make sure it exists.

I've also taken the opportunity to use /etc/rc.sendmail in
/etc/mail/Makefile to reduce code duplication.  A new rc.sendmail.8 man
page has also been added which now houses the sendmail_* variable
descriptions formerly in rc.conf.5.

In a somewhat unrelated note, I also plan on arranging to move the
sendmail-specific stuff out of src/etc/mail/ and into src/etc/sendmail so
the installation of things like sample sendmail maps, etc. don't clutter a
NO_SENDMAIL installation.  I'll need to arrange this event with the CVS
repomeisters.  Hopefully, this change (along with the patch) will make
things more palatable for non-sendmail users.

The patch is against -CURRENT but should give -STABLE users a good idea of my
intentions.  It is available at:


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