On Fri, Mar 29, 2002 at 11:44:06AM +0100, Alexander Leidinger wrote:
> > My patches to src/share/mk/ are here:
> > 
> >     ftp://ftp.jurai.net/users/winter/icc.mk.diff
> > 
> > This allows you to set 'USE_ICC' and 'ICFLAGS' and build stuff.

This is fine just to get things working.  But please consider Doing It
Right -- that being wrap the definitions of CC, CFLAGS, and PICFLAG with
USE_ICC rather than strew USE_ICC all over the place.  For instance:

    .if defined(USE_ICC)
    CC= icc
    CC= cc

> > -D__ICC__=1
> ICC already defines '__ICC', doe we really need this?

I see no reason for it.  We should use the vendor's spelling for
identifying their compiler.
> > -D__attribute__(x)=
> > -D__GNUC__=2
> Ok as a short term solution, but IMHO this should get solved in the
> source.

Totally agreed for defining __GNUC__.


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