> On Sat, Mar 30, 2002 at 10:28:05PM -0800, Michael Smith wrote:
> > > This avoids a panic when probing, there's probably still some
> > > badness going on with make/destroy dev in this driver. 
> > Pending commentary from Scott, I think you should commit this.
> Yes, there is a lot of evilness in the asr driver.  A whole lot.  The
> original author does not have time/desire to maintain it, so obrien
> volunteered to take over maintainership.

Thanks obrien ;-} Scott? Hmmmmm? Where is a pitchfork when you need it ;->

Time and micro-managed priorities limit my usefulness currently, Scott is
right ...

Driver is just asking for it's `just deserved' mappings to the card, I put
my vote with Michael with regards to the PCI system not differentiating
non-prefetched (hardware) and prefetched (memory) mappings (said with an
aire of pretending to know unintentional).

> > > Should I hold onto this card or should I suck it up and get
> > > a 3ware online somewhere?
> Be a man and buy a SCSI RAID controller.  The Adaptec 5400S is
> all you'll ever need =-)

SCSI is too expensive for many folk, that is why we made the 2400A. However,
IDE looses 2ms on every access because it can not overlap commands -- much
of that delay is reduced with the SCSI origined 2400A's
cache/coalesce/elevator code, we see performance that has us wondering out
loud about the SCSI price differential.

Good luck, hope I could help ...

Sincerely -- Mark Salyzyn

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