It seems Terry Lambert wrote:
> "Søren Schmidt" wrote:
> > > Is your drive perchance an IBM DTLA?
> > >
> > > It's known to have these problems.
> > 
> > Cool! would you like to share where that information is available so
> > I can possibly work around the problem ??
> IBM DTLA drives are known to be problematic.  If you use that
> in a search engine, it will find numerous references to the
> drive electronics being too slow for sustained access to the
> sectors closes to the spindle.

This thread is about tagged queueing problems on IBM drives since they 
are the only ones that supports it, it is not specific to the DTLA
series at all, which this thread has already explained.
So Terry, do you have anything to share, or just noise like this ?

(I dont care about if the DTLA may have other problems)


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