"Søren Schmidt" wrote:
> > Is your drive perchance an IBM DTLA?
> >
> > It's known to have these problems.
> Cool! would you like to share where that information is available so
> I can possibly work around the problem ??

IBM DTLA drives are known to be problematic.  If you use that
in a search engine, it will find numerous references to the
drive electronics being too slow for sustained access to the
sectors closes to the spindle.

The place I first read about the problem was Tom's hardware.

The generally accepted fix is "don't use the cylinders nearest
the spindle" and/or "replace the drive".

Here's the most complete (if biased) web reference I found:


This has been discussed on the FreeBSD lists before... the
supposed problem cited was "the electronics could not keep up
with the data rate on the interior cylinders".

Supposely, one of the utilities on this page:


can work around the problem (depending on the drive you have)
by changing some firmware settings on the drive.  If you are
interested, get them while you can: this is a mirror of an IBM
set of downloads which are no longer available from the IBM
URLs where they used to be located.

The workaround works by setting a lower DMA transfer rate.

Here is a PDF about the drives, which mentions the tool and
its use:


Again, this is mirrored from an IBM URL that is no longer
available, so if you intend to grab it, grab it now.

-- Terry

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