> [...]
> Since you have one of these beasts, could you maybe try changing
> the number of tagged command queue entries you permit to be used
> at one time?

Of course, I'll do it as soon as...

1) I'm at home again... ;-)
2) Someone tells me how to achive that. I looked at 'man 8 atacontrol'
   as well as 'man 4 ata', but I can't find anything that lets me set
   the queue depth nor inquire the advertised queue length...

> [...]
> As I said: it could be drive settings unrelated to the code
> itself being correct.  I've given three suggestions to verify
> this, one way or the other:
> 1)    Control the drive DMA speed down

I *did* test with UDMA66 instead of UDMA100 and it was even worse...
With UDMA100, the system switched back to PIO4 - with UDMA66 there was a system
freeze after the second (well known) error message... :-(

But I admit, this test was done some days ago, I'll try it again this evening
(approx. 19:00 UTC)...

> 2)    Pretend the maximum tagged command queue depth is
>       smaller than it is

How to?

> 3)    Toggle the write caching on the drive

OK - I'm running all my disks without write cache, but I'll check this too.

> Until you try all three of these and report back, you can't say
> that the problem is Soren's.

This is a real misunderstanding! I thought I stated clearly enough that I
don't want to blame Soren for this obviously highly complex issue!
Shit happens - the only ensurance against that is to stay in bed (alone! :-)

Ciao/BSD -

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