It seems Alexander Leidinger wrote:
> On 18 Apr, Søren Schmidt wrote:
> >> What's your theory on it?
> > 
> > None so far, I've instrumented the code here, and I simply cannot
> > see what should go wrong (yet).
> Does it make sense to give this instrumentation to someone who can
> reproduce it?

Not directly since its tied in with special HW to look for interrupts etc,
a real hackers delight setup :)

Now I have this patch that fixes the mess from the busdma integration
that will go in later tonight when my test machine has finished its
current test round. 
When thats done I need -current users with tag problems to upgrade
and those with problems should mail me thers dmesg so I can try to
get a grasp on what HW fails exactly.
Semilar for -stable users, if you have problems with tags, mail me
your dmesg...


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