"Søren Schmidt" wrote:
> > > Oh yes you can, the ATA driver does just that in case of the drive
> > > loosing its marbels.
> >
> > If it worked, people wouldn't be having this problem.
> Hmm, since I havn't been able to get my hands on the problem
> (I've been running 3 systems here with tags all over since the
> first report, not a single hickup yet :( ) I can't tell whats
> going on, it might be that the drive somehow gets really confused
> I dont know, for now those having tags problems should just
> not enable it...

I wish someone who is having the problem would try the three
hacks I suggested, and report back.  I personally can't reproduce
the problem here, either.

> > What's your theory on it?
> None so far, I've instrumented the code here, and I simply cannot
> see what should go wrong (yet).

Heh.  "My hardware works ... I instrument the code ... my hardware
still works".  8-) 8-).

I think that it's going to be up to the people who are complaining
to give feedback.

> BUT recent current with the busdma'd ATA driver screws up with
> tags, fix is coming as soon as I get a few hours to commit it...

Totally different problem, of course... they were complaining
about -stable vs. 4.5-release, too.  I agree that the additional
hardware support is more important.  8-(.

-- Terry

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