* The Hermit Hacker <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> [020420 16:01] wrote:
> As a quick follow-up to this, doing more searching on the web, I came
> across a few suggested 'sysctl' settings, which I've added to what I had
> before, for a total of:
> kern.maxfiles=65534
> jail.sysvipc_allowed=1
> vm.swap_idle_enabled=1
> vfs.vmiodirenable=1
> kern.ipc.somaxconn=4096
> I've also just reduced my maxusers to 256 from 1024, since 1024 was
> crashing worse then 512, and I ran across the 'tuning' man page that
> stated that you shouldn't go above 256 :(
> Just a bit more detail on the setup ...

You said you're running 5000 processes.  5000 processes of what?

Are they useing SYSVSHM?  If so, this sysctl might help:


It'll only work if you set it before your processes setup.

Some more information about what these 5000 processes are doing
would help.


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