> I'll commit this to rc.diskless1
this will only work if you include the changes to bootp.c
>     +if [ -z "`hostname -s`" ]; then
>     +        hostname=`kenv dhcp.host-name`
>     +        hostname $hostname
>     +        echo "Hostname is $hostname"
>     +fi

> BUT you've missed the point with this point:
>     +else
>     +        mount_md 4096 /conf/etc 0
>     +        chkerr $? "MFS mount on /conf/etc"
>     +        mount -t unionfs /conf/etc /etc
>     +        /bin/chmod 755 /etc
>     +        find /etc > /dev/null
>     +        touch /etc/.sentinel
> That being that some of us actually WANT /etc to be left the fsck alone.
> We NFS mount / and that / has /etc as it should be.  I also cannot follow
> what you are trying to do with /etc/conf.  Perhaps you could comment that
> part?

i don't understand what you mean by 'left the fsck alone', but i'll try to

/ ( and whatever is under it) is NFS mounted read only, as should be.
the 'original' solution is to make /etc writable is to mount a MD, then copy 
/conf/default/etc to it.
my 'solution' is to mount union /etc/conf as the 'writable' part. 1) i don't
have to copy - and hence 2) have only one copy of /etc for all my diskless.
since the next part of rc.diskless1 copies files specific to the host/cluster,
and there are some cases that i want to actually remove a file, i do that
in rc.local (configurable via rc.conf.local).

thanks for looking into this,


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