On Tue, Apr 23, 2002 at 09:19:56AM +0300, Danny Braniss wrote:
> > That being that some of us actually WANT /etc to be left the fsck alone.
> > We NFS mount / and that / has /etc as it should be.  I also cannot follow
> > what you are trying to do with /etc/conf.  Perhaps you could comment that
> > part?
> i don't understand what you mean by 'left the fsck alone', but i'll try to
> explain.
> / ( and whatever is under it) is NFS mounted read only, as should be.

This is where all of us doing Sparc64 development say you are wrong -- /
is NFS mounted RW.  Back in the SunOS diskless workstations days were
this was invented, / was NFS mounted RW.  Please stop assuming everyone
wants to change from tradition.

> the 'original' solution is to make /etc writable is to mount a MD, then copy 
> all
> /conf/default/etc to it.

The very original "solution" was to mount NFS / RW.  The move to
/conf/default/etc was someone's special needs leaking into the FreeBSD
repository.  If you want to special case, things be my guest -- add an
elif test; but leave RW NFS mounted / alone.

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