> On Tue, Apr 23, 2002 at 12:19:58PM -0400, Robert Watson wrote:
> > diskless_root_readonly="NO"         # Make it "YES" for readonly
> good.
> > diskless_etc_localmd="NO"           # Make it "YES" to have the
> >   # diskless environment md-mount and replicate /etc from /conf
> Seems the "if [ -d ]" tests in rc.diskless are OK already.  If we add
> this knob, then a knob should also be added for the source of the files
> rather than assuming /conf/etc or /conf/{client}/etc.  In other words
> either really engineer this to make diskless properly configurable, or
> have the minimal number of knobs, etc.

nice, but impractical, because of the chicken and egg problem, or in other
words, the load/over-write of rc.conf[.local] happens a bit later ...


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