> Danny,
> What do you think about doing a little more polishing and rolling a new
> set of patches taking this /etc/rc.conf option into account?  Your kernel
> env dhcp variables are really good.  I know that many do want to do what
> you are doing (large scale RO /); but up until now /etc/rc.diskless* has
> not been well engineered.

polishing wont help, if i don't know all the problems :-)

in the begining, there was no way to mount / ro - sunos would not run, and
so we had zilions of /, one for each host, linux makes a mfs image, so even if
freebsd is a bit messy it is by far better engineered - my .5$

the root_rw_mount is fine, but it's a bit late.
now that devfs is here (great!) the only problem to solve is what/how to deal
with /etc
        and some othere local-configurable files.

the name/value knobs are fine - though some more documentation ... :-)

btw, there is still another tricky problem: if i have / ro, and shared among 
many hosts,
i can't:
        1- easely specify different kernels
                i do this at the moment by commenting out kernel= in boot/loader.conf 
                passing it as a dhcp tag.
        2- loadable modules
                for the very early modules:
                        like unionfs, no harm in loading it, so fine
                        but what about others that might cause problems?
                later ones, i load from rc.local

and now for some coffee,


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