> Robert Watson wrote:
> > This would provide full compatibility with the current model for those
> > that want it (and I think it's more people than you think) at the same
> > time as changing the system to provide easy support for the environment
> > you're looking for.  If the default settings are changing, it should be a
> > "5.0 feature" not a "4.x feature".
> FWIW, I thought this was a "new feature", since diskless/dataless
> has never really worked for me, without a lot of local hacking to
> make it work.
the first time around this was a real problem for me, starting off with 
FreeBSD and
also doing the diskless stuff, now some time later (hum, about 2 years?), i 
it from scratch with 5.0 - it took me almost no time! adding the local mods 
took more
time since i was (not very successfuly) recording the changes i was doing :-(
btw, i did not have to do no 'lot of local hacking' to get it working:
        newfs /c/2; cd /c/2; dump 0f - / | restore rf -
        (brute force to get most of the local environment :-)
        make installworld DESTDIR=/c/2
        and i could start booting 5.0

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