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> recently acquired a dwl520 and i was wondering
> if there is freebsd support for this card.
> i looked through what appeared to be the pci-support
> portion of the wi driver (if_wi_pci.c ..checked out 
> via cvs last night) and i couldn't find a definition of this card:
> pci_ids[] = {     
>         {0x1638, 0x1100, WI_BUS_PCI_PLX, "PRISM2STA PCI WaveLAN/IEEE 802.11"},
>         {0x1385, 0x4100, WI_BUS_PCI_PLX, "Netgear MA301 PCI IEEE 802.11b"},
>         {0x16ab, 0x1101, WI_BUS_PCI_PLX, "GLPRISM2 PCI WaveLAN/IEEE 802.11"},
>         {0x16ab, 0x1102, WI_BUS_PCI_PLX, "Linksys WDT11 PCI IEEE 802.11b"},
>         {0x1260, 0x3873, WI_BUS_PCI_NATIVE, "Linksys WMP11 PCI Prism2.5"},
>         {0x10b7, 0x7770, WI_BUS_PCI_PLX, "3Com Airconnect IEEE 802.11b"},
>         {0x111a, 0x1023, WI_BUS_PCI_PLX, "Siemens SpeedStream IEEE 802.11b"},
>         {0, 0, 0, NULL}
> this may or may not be indicative of support for this card as far as i
> know (which is not much regarding driver hacking).  i compiled the driver
> into the kernel anyways and got this on bootup:
> pci0: <unknown card> (vendor=0x1260, dev=0x3873) at 11.0 irq 12
> so would anyone happen to know if this card is supported and if so,
> is there a diff/patch/revision that i should get or procedure i should
> follow? 

If it's going to work the definition for the Linksys WMP11 will do it.
It will have the wrong name in dmesg, but that doesn't do anything.
This entry should be changed to reflect the fact that it's actually an
Intersil Prism 2.5 ID that lazy vendors are using.

-- Brooks

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