i broke down and did a fresh install of the developer's
preview of 5.0 and the wi driver picks up the d-link
wireless card and works like a champ.  the catch is that 
for some reason the ed driver doesn't seem to want to recognize 
my isa ne2000 (compliant) nic.  i recompiled the kernel making 
sure that "device ed" was specified (along with miibus) and still 
no luck.  i was thinking it may have been a problem with the network card,
but slackware 8 with kernel 2.4.17 (on a different partition) picked up
the network card just fine (as well as the d-link card, via wlan drivers).
i've gone into the dumb dos setup utility for the network
card at least twenty times, specifying just about every
combination of options (enabled/disabled plug-and-play 
and tried a bunch of different port/irq/iomem).  i've also
gone into the bios and tried enabling and disabling pnp-OS.
dmesg (used boot -v) doesn't list anything resembling an
isa nic at all, but kldstat -v has if_ed listed in (seemingly)
all the right places.  i did specify the pertaining values
in /boot/devices for the ed driver as well.  
all this to no avail.  i know there's something i've overlooked..
any hints/suggestions?  thanks!!!


On Fri, 26 Apr 2002, . ten tacles   .      . wrote:

> recently acquired a dwl520 and i was wondering
> if there is freebsd support for this card.
> i looked through what appeared to be the pci-support
> portion of the wi driver (if_wi_pci.c ..checked out 
> via cvs last night) and i couldn't find a definition of this card:
> pci_ids[] = {     
>         {0x1638, 0x1100, WI_BUS_PCI_PLX, "PRISM2STA PCI WaveLAN/IEEE 802.11"},
>         {0x1385, 0x4100, WI_BUS_PCI_PLX, "Netgear MA301 PCI IEEE 802.11b"},
>         {0x16ab, 0x1101, WI_BUS_PCI_PLX, "GLPRISM2 PCI WaveLAN/IEEE 802.11"},
>         {0x16ab, 0x1102, WI_BUS_PCI_PLX, "Linksys WDT11 PCI IEEE 802.11b"},
>         {0x1260, 0x3873, WI_BUS_PCI_NATIVE, "Linksys WMP11 PCI Prism2.5"},
>         {0x10b7, 0x7770, WI_BUS_PCI_PLX, "3Com Airconnect IEEE 802.11b"},
>         {0x111a, 0x1023, WI_BUS_PCI_PLX, "Siemens SpeedStream IEEE 802.11b"},
>         {0, 0, 0, NULL}
> this may or may not be indicative of support for this card as far as i
> know (which is not much regarding driver hacking).  i compiled the driver
> into the kernel anyways and got this on bootup:
> pci0: <unknown card> (vendor=0x1260, dev=0x3873) at 11.0 irq 12
> so would anyone happen to know if this card is supported and if so,
> is there a diff/patch/revision that i should get or procedure i should
> follow? 
> thanks a bunches!
> --tents 
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