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>             Brooks Davis <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:
> : If it's going to work the definition for the Linksys WMP11 will do it.
> : It will have the wrong name in dmesg, but that doesn't do anything.
> : This entry should be changed to reflect the fact that it's actually an
> : Intersil Prism 2.5 ID that lazy vendors are using.
> Comments on the following patch?  It removes the extra IEEE 802.11
> stuff (which is noise since wi is an 802.11b driver :-) and changes
> Linksys WMP11 to the more generic Intersil Prism2.5 PCI.

Looks reasionable.  You might rip out the PCI bit since the attachment
bus is printed seperatly.  Since all the lines are changing anyway, you
might also sort it.  I've been meaning to do that and haven't got arount
to it.

-- Brooks

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