On Tue, Apr 30, 2002 at 11:28:48AM +0200, Jose M. Alcaide wrote:
> cpp0: cc: output pipe has been closedInternal compiler error: program cc1 got fatal 
>signal 10
> This cc1 SIGBUS is triggered by different source files at different times.
> But it happens while building XFree86-Server sooner or later, and always
> with SIGBUS.
> I did not have problems building the rest of the XFree86-4 ports, or
> making the world, neither.
> I commented out "CFLAGS" (and also CPUTYPE) from /etc/make.conf, but it
> seems that the XFree86 build system uses "-O -pipe" anyway.

More info: removing "-O" and/or "-pipe" from CFLAGS does not improve the
situation: cc1 keeps crashing at random places with SIGBUS while building

I found a message from Kris Kennaway telling that this is a widely
experienced problem:


However, disabling optimizations does not work for me.

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