On Wed, 1 May 2002, Guido Kollerie wrote:

> Unfortunately the switch is unmanaged hence I am not able to
> explicitely set the switch to 100 Mbits full-duplex. Using
> ifconfig to set the nic to 10baseT/UTP and then back to 100baseTX
> full-duplex doesn't help. Only a reboot will bring the NIC back
> to 100 Mbits full duplex mode.

Please note that due to vagaries in the auto-negotiation
spec 3com and cisco dont work well together.
And 3coms ( on linux atleast ) have the added
bonus of sometimes deciding to change
speed/duplex just for the heck of it.

The only way to use them reliably is to force
both the card and the switch. We came to the
conclusion that fxp's are a nicer option.

IMHO just creating a reliable and clearly defined
auto-negotiation protocol will do more for ethernet
speed than gigabit ethernet :).

Sten Spans

  "What does one do with ones money,
   when there is no more empty rackspace ?"

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