--- Guido Kollerie <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> I have exchanged the 3Com NIC for an Intel one. I'm using an
> Intel NIC at work and haven't had any problems with it under
> FreeBSD. What remains strange though is that the 3Com NIC used to
> work just fine. As said before the strange behaviour
> (full-duplex -> half-duplex) occurred about a month ago. Around
> the same time I performed a 'make world'. Was the xl driver
> changed somehow in the period before that?

It doesnt look like, accept for the following two deltas:

  o rev. 1.103 by [EMAIL PROTECTED]
    CVS Log: Remove __P.
    Branch: MAIN CVS Tags: HEAD

  o rev. 1.104 by [EMAIL PROTECTED]
    CVS Log:
     Change callers of mtx_init() to pass in an appropriate lock type name. 
     In most cases NULL is passed, but in some cases such as network driver 
     locks (which use the MTX_NETWORK_LOCK macro) and UMA zone locks, a name 
     is used.
    Branch: MAIN CVS Tags: HEAD

Those are the only two revisions made to the if_xl.c driver in the timeframe
you have provided; and I don't think they can cause the issue you have
described, IMHO.

  -- Hiten Pandya

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