On 18-May-2002 Terry Lambert wrote:
> Alfred Perlstein wrote:
>> * Kenneth D. Merry <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> [020517 23:31] wrote:
>> > The problem here is that the mutex needs to be initialized before I can
>> > acquire it, and there's going to be a race between checking to see
>> > whether it has been initialized and actually initializing it.
>> >
>> ...
>> > Suggestions?
>> *slaps forhead*
>> Probably a SYSINIT?
> God, it's annoying that a statically declared mutex is not
> defacto initialized.

Is it in solaris?

> Yeah, I understand the "witness" crap (if it's there); that
> doesn't make it any less annoying.
> Actually, a linker set (not a SYSINIT) could fix that... you
> would still need one sysinit to do the linkage of the statically
> declared structures, but it's at least doable.

a SYSINIT just is a linker set, and there is a convenience SYSINIT
MTX_SYSINIT() or what not that just registers a sysinit to initialize
a mutex.


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