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: > I removed apm from the kernel which appeared to be playing having with acpi
: > and things are now working a treat.  The card works fine, however I do
: > receive the following message, 'cardbus0: <unknown card> (vendor=0x115d,
: > dev=0x0103) at 0.1 irq 5'.  I've had a look through various lists and
: > couldn't find a resolution.  Is this a real drama and if so, how do I
: > correct it?
: I believe that's the "modem" device on the card.  I don't believe that it is 
: in fact a normal serial port in any case, so it's worth just ignoring in my 
: opinion.  (Witness the address 0.1, where the Ethernet was probably found at 
: 0.0).  Sound about right?

It is the modem device, and it is supported by FreeBSD, modulo a few
bugs in the driver attachment code at the moment.


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